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Huajing Base, ECUST Park R&D Center 
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Powerful partnerships result in greater value

This base is managed by ECUST Park and Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Innovation Center. It is a powerful partnership united by the State Key University Park of Science and Technology and the State Key Hi-Tech Park Innovation Center, resulting in a distinct base of predominance due to its resources.

With full support from East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST)

Meilong Base is in close proximity to the renowned ECUST State University which is recognized as the school for chemical engineering; in addition, ECUST is recognized for biochemical engineering, chemistry, pharmaceutical, and material science engineering, all of which have been authorized as the key disciplines of ECUST by the central government and Shanghai Municipality government. ECUST holds a scientific research team consisting of 800 full-time and part-time researchers, including 2 academicians, 18 part-time academicians, 3 chief executive scientists listed in the 973 state plan, 6 special Yangtze River Scholar professors, and 10 distinguished national-class contributors.

ECUST has been responsible for setting up 53 research institutions (centers), four professional state engineering research centers, two state key laboratories, two key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, an engineering research center of the Ministry of Education and a key laboratory of Shanghai Municipality . Moreover, it is also one of the six universities which have set up a national technology transfer center.

Therefore, Meilong Base serves as bridge for communication between settled enterprises and ECUST, allowing enterprises to make full use of the predominant resources and specialty of ECUST through ECUST Park-Meilong Base.

A professional atmosphere creates opportunities

The R&D Center Base of ECUST Park congregates all outstanding enterprises engaged in the field of fine chemical, bio-pharmaceutical and new materials industry to form a solid professional atmosphere.

The result forms a large scale of assembling industry and an alliance of production, study, and research so that those settled enterprises will get limitless development opportunities.

Resource sharing reflects the value of Base

The base also possesses valuable resources from the R&D Center of ECUST Park and Caohejing Hi-Tech Innovation Center, therefore settled enterprises will share the space, resources and services from the base and realize its largest value.

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