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Environmental Protection and Safety Service Platform

We could provide standardized lab or prophase design of lab. We could provide your lab with full services, which help to solve problems in the construction of your lab, especially the environment-protection and safety service.

R&D Service Platform for Nano-technology

National Engineering R&D Center and Shanghai Nanotechnoogy Industrialization Base have formed the advanced R&D service platform for nano-technology.

R&D Service Platform for Biochemical Engineering

R&D Center of National Biochemical Engineering and Key Experiment of National Biology Reactor Engineering have formed the biochemical engineering research platform.

Policy Service Platform

Declaration of New and Hi-tech Achievement Project/ Declaration of New and Hi-tech Unit/ Declaration of National Innovation Project Funds/ Declaration of Shanghai technology assistance projects/ Development project of Shanghai Innovative Funds for Graduates/ Intellectual property right protection/ Fulfillment of fiscal and taxation policy.

Business Services Platform

Public Relations/ Human Resources/ Financing/ Marketing/ Legal affairs/ Business development/ Secretary service/ Network service/ Property service/ Standardized decoration.


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